Networking within St. Vincents GAA Club

Dear Member

St Vincents has always had a strong sense of community and mutual support, and the Club Executive is keen to enhance that concept of St Vincents being a village within the city.

One aspect of this traditional sense of community and mutual support has been the opportunity for St Vincents people to benefit in their employment or businesses through their involvement with the club and the opportunities this can create.

In January we will be running our first of  quarterly networking events which will be free of charge. We feel this could also provide a platform for all our members and members’ parents, business-minded or otherwise, to further enhance relationships and enhance the St Vincent’s community.

If you think you might be interested in taking part please email us at  <> [email protected], which is a dedicated email address, with your name, email address, business/trade/profession, and your connection with the club – member, juvenile member parent etc


The Executive Committee