Fógra RE: Parking in adjacent neighbouring areas

We would like to request that all members respect our neighbours when visiting Naomh Uinsionn. In particular, we would request you utilise the car parking facilities in PNU and avoid parking in nearby residential areas.

Neighbouring communities of Donneycarney, Charlemont and Marino are not designed to take the increased traffic and parking beyond that expected of of a residential area, and congestion caused by our members during peak times can be a source of frustration to residents.

We strive to be an integral part of our community and being a good neighbour is key to this.

We are delighted to have a fully completed re-surfaced car park at Pairc Naomh Uinsionn.  This provides 59 marked car park spaces, including 3 spaces designated as accessibility spaces. In addition, the lane up to the main club entrance has space for plenty more cars. This typically provides ample parking for busy times.