Club AGM 2017 – Thursday 16th November – 8pm

Dear Member,

 The date for the 2017 Annual General Meeting is Thursday 16th November.  Meeting is open to Full, Student and Social and Mentor Members.  The agenda for the meeting, which will start at 8.00pm in the main hall, is as follows:

 Annual General Meeting



       1             Minutes of 2016 AGM

       2             Chairman’s Address / Report

       3             Treasurer’s Report

       4             Games Reports

  • Adult Games
  • Adult Camogie
  • Juvenile Games
  • Juvenile Camogie
  • Ladies Football
  1.        Election of Officers
  2.        Notices of Motions
  3.        General Business


Motions for inclusion in the meeting need to be submitted in writing by 31st October to the Club Office, St Vincent’s GAA, P.O.Box 1625, Marino, Dublin 3 or [email protected]

Only Full Members are entitled to vote on motions discussed.


It is vital that we, as members, show our support for the Executive so please ensure you attend this Annual General Meeting.

The members of the Executive look forward to seeing you on 16th November.


Yours sincerely,

John Kiernan

Club Secretary.