Return to Play 2021

This page is our updated guidelines for return to play.  Return to play in 2021 commences on Monday 26th April, 2021.  This page will be kept up to date as information from the GAA changes.

If you want to view last year’s page, it is still available here.

Official Guides

Anything in this page will be distilled from GAA official guidelines or government guidelines. Where possible, our attempt is to make the information concise, however if you have any queries, we recommend that the official sources of information are the first place to consult. The GAA maintain an excelled learning portal, and it has a full section dedicated to Covid-19 training. Important links are maintained below:

The latest Covid-19 Guidelines on Safe Return to Gaelic Games (16.04.2021)

A shorter presentation from the GAA summing up the guidelines. (April 2021)

The GAA have produced an excellent “Return to Training Advice” document (23 April 2021).

Our Own Guides

We’ve a set of slides which condenses the important points. Here’s a General One, One for Mentors, One for Parents, and one for players (for when the adults get to return)

Immediate Responsibilities for Mentors

  1. Take the online training course.
  2. Create your training events in Foireann (See help here)
  3. Fill in your own health questionnaire on the day of return to play.
  4. Keep your training session to 50 minutes, and get off promptly
  5. Exit PNU2 by service exit.

Immediate Responsibilities for Parents/Guardians

  1. Take the online training course.
  2. Fill in a health questionnaire for your child on the day of return to play.

Immediate Responsibilities for Covid Supervisors

  1. Take the online training course.
  2. Fill in your own health questionnaire on the day of return to play.

Other Advice

We’ll keep this page updated as new advice is produced by the GAA.

Your Decision, Your Choice

Remember, the decision to come back to play is a personal one. From the GAA official documentation:

The GAA, Ladies Gaelic Football and Camogie Associations are community based, and volunteer-led organisations for the promotion of Gaelic sports and culture. Participation is voluntary; players, mentors, match officials and club officers may choose to opt-in or opt-out from activity at any level at their discretion.

Until the vaccine programmes north and south of the border are completed, there will be remain a significant risk associated with COVID-19. Public Health guidelines may prevent the participation of vulnerable groups. We encourage all others, but particularly those who may consider themselves in a vulnerable category, to seek appropriate contemporary advice and perform a personal risk-benefit analysis before deciding whether to re-engage in their chosen activity