Mini Leagues Return to Play Protocol

As we re-open mini leagues, we must stress that Mini Leagues is subject to the GAA “Safe Return To Play Guidelines”. This page gives detailed instructions for parents who wish to send their children to Mini Leagues while the Safe Return to Play guidelines are in force.

  1. All parents must complete GAA Covid-19 Club Education module online and obtain a certificate of completion. The module takes about 20 minutes. Once you have obtained your certificate of completion for the Education eLearning module, please bring evidence of this with you on Saturday (phone screen shot, print out)
  2. You must also complete The Covid Health Questionnaire online which the GAA have devised. Forms can be accessed by visiting When registering your child you will be asked to select a team – choose “Academy”
  3. For all subsequent days that mini-leagues take place, you must re-confirm that your child’s health status hasn’t changed. This should be done by going online using the same link at point 2 above before 9 am. The Covid-19 Supervisor is required to check online to ensure you have done this. Unfortunately, even where the Questionnaire has been initially completed but not re-confirmed on the day that your child will be attending the mini-leagues, he or she will not be permitted to participate. If your child is feeling unwell in any way, he or she should not attend mini-leagues.
  4. The mini-leagues will start strictly at 10.30 am. A record of all children who attend at the mini-leagues will be made by the Covid-19 Supervisors. This is for contact tracing purposes.
  5. Parents must remain at the club while mini-leagues are on in case they have to take their child to the toilet. A parent should not come on to the pitch.
  6. Parents should follow the directions of the Covid-19 Supervisor.
  7. Once mini-leagues have finished, it is important that we all leave the grounds promptly particularly as other teams will want access to the pitch.
  8. Further useful information on Covid-19 Safe Return To Play is available here and we would urge you to review this information.