Golf Outing: 26 September 2020

St Vincents GAA is pleased to announce a golf outing for 26th September 2020. For answers to all your questions, read on below.

A golf outing are you mad?
While we understand we are still in a time of restrictions due to Covid-19, Golf is one of those activities that can be done socially distanced, in a comparatively safe manner.

Its been a tough few months, and we haven’t been able to organise anything as a club. We wanted to do something that is allowed, and gives us a chance for members to participate in something.

Who can play?
Anyone. Ladies and men, anyone who can swing a club.

OK. So tell me about the format. What is “Ryder Cup” style?
The Ryder Cup is a competition where golfers from Europe take on golfers from the USA in a team competition. In our incarnation, the two teams are “Juvenile Section” versus “Adult Section”.

So, do I have to be “in” a section to represent it?
Not at all. This is a just a bit of fun. If you play in the Juvenile section, or you mentor a Juvenile team, or your family members play for a juvenile team, then you may want to fly the flag for team Juvenile. Similarly, if you tog out for an adult team, or have some other affiliation, then you can represent the Adult team.

How does the scoring work?
Games go out as a 4 ball, playing stableford points taking into account handicap. 2 players on each 4 ball will be on team Juvenile, and 2 will be on team Adult.
The best score from each team is recorded. I.e. If the two players on team juvenile scored 2 points and 1 point, team juvenile scores 2 for that hole.
At the end of the 18 holes, whichever pair scored the highest stableford score overall earns a point for their team. If the scores are tied, both teams score 1/2 point.
The team with the highest score after all games have completed is deemed the winner.

How do handicaps work?
Go ask google. If I explain that now, you may stop reading. If you have a GUI handicap, you can use that. If you aren’t in a club, we’ll assign a handicap to you.

But I don’t really play. Sounds like I’ll be surrounded by golfers. What should I do?
Well, this is about participation. The outing is open to anyone who would like to play. We’ll try our best to pair teams of similar handicaps so we can all enjoy the day. Sure give it a lash. You might enjoy it!

Can I play with my mate(s)?
Of course, the emphasis is on a bit of craic. If you wanted to go out as a 4 ball, you may want to arrange 2 of your mates to be on the opposing team.

Right, I’m interested, how much?
Entry is €50. It covers green fees, and there’s a little left over as a club fundraiser.

I can’t make it on the day, but I’d like to chip in. What can I do?
Great. If you wanted to sponsor a hole, we’re offering hole sponsorship for €100. Call the hole after your name, your company, whatever. It shows your club mates that you’ve helped. Click here to sponsor a hole.

Any other way to chip in ?
You can sponsor a player – pay what you like, to wish your player well. We’ll announce your sponsorship at they take to the first tee box. Click here to sponsor a player.

I need details. When?
The event is on 26th September, in Donabate Golf Club. We’ve booked 13 tee slots from 10:00 to 12:00. Closing date for entry is the 24th, as we need a day to set up the pairings etc. Book your ticket here.

What if Covid restrictions kick back in?
We’ll re-arrange to a later date, or offer full refunds. Nobody will be left stuck.

Will there be an after event?
We’ll see. An announcement made today suggests we’ll have the bar open, but we’ll make sure that anything we do will comply with Covid safety regulations.