GAA E-Vetting process

In the GAA any person who carries out a role of responsibility such as coaching, managing or training underage teams or indeed adult teams that contain any player under 18 years of age must be vetted. It also applies to organising underage activities or refereeing underage games.
The GAA website has a very good resource about vetting for full background, etc.

Please note that how vetting is applied for has changed, and is all done through Foireann, the GAA’s membership management platform.
Step 1 – Log into Foireann.  If you do not have and account on Foireann, you’ll need to create one.
Step 2 – Fill out the online form in foireann, known as the “Vetting Invitation Form”

At this point, your vetting application will be considered by the club’s child protection officers.  If approved, you will receive an email notification inviting you to fill out your vetting details

Step 3 –  Complete your vetting application

When you supply basic details to the GAA; they are passed on to the National Vetting Bureau (NVB). You will subsequently be invited to supply your confidential details directly with the NVB.  This is to protect your privacy – Neither the club nor the GAA will see this form – it is between you and the NVB.

This includes uploading proof of identity, proof of address, and a history of places where you have lived.

Once vetting is complete, the outcome will be made available to you in Foireann.  The club’s child protection officer will be informed of the outcome of the vetting process.


Childrens  Officers

Camogie – Trish Woods: childrensofficer.stvincents.[email protected]

Ladies Football – Niall Boland: [email protected]

Hurling and Football – Patricia Drumgoole: [email protected]